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Video Matching Using DC-image and Local Features Saddam Bekhet, Amr Ahmed, Andrew Hunter

Paper (PDF): Video Matching Using DC-image and Local Features – WCE2013_pp2209-2214

Video Demos:  … soon..

Poster for the WCE'13 paper that was awarded "Best Student Paper" award,
Poster for the WCE’13 paper that was awarded “Best Student Paper” award,


Videos, especially the compressed ones, became a major part of our daily life. With the amount of videos growing exponentially, Scientists are being pushed to develop robust tools that could efficiently index and retrieve videos in a way similar to human perception of similarity.

*Based on



§Manual annotation is a hard work and annotations are not always available for utilization.
§We need more smarter tagging process for videos.
§With the increasing of compressed videos, more efficient techniques are required to work directly on compressed files, without need for decompression.
Our aim is to build a framework that will operate on compressed videos (utilizing the DC-images sequence),

•DC-IMAGE is suitable for cheaper computations and could be used as basic building block for real-time processing.
•Local features proved to be effective on DC-image, after our introduced modification.

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