Amr has VIVA Examined TWO successfull PhDs and ONE MSc by research, and has been VIVA Chair for a number of PhDs.

The following is a brief list of Amr’s supervised researchers (and graduates)

Current PhD Researchers


Mr Saddam Bekhet [PhD: 2012-2016]
Video Analysis and understanding


Mr Haytham Mohtasseb Billah                                                                     [PhD: 2008-2012] 
Stylistic Analysis and mining of textual contents


Mr Amjad Altadmri                                                                                                 [PhD: 2007-2011]
Semantic Video Analysis and Event Detection


Current MSc by Research
Mrs Deema AbdalHafeth                                  [P/T MSc by Research: 2009-2011]
Text Analysis in Health Informatics


Graduates and X-Researchers
Dr Zaheer Ahmed  [RA: 2010]
RA on the iNET Transport project “Integrating Mobility Scooter with Smart Homes”.
Dr Ching-Wei Wang [PhD: 2006-2009]
Vision Analysis in Detecting Abnormal Breathing Activity in application to Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea     [With Prof. Andrew Hunter (PI)]


  • Ahmed Sadek                   [Internship Researcher, Mobility Scooter Project, 2010]
  • Hassan Saif                       [ Internship Researcher, Acupuncture Project, 2010]
  • Zachary Markham         [EROS’10 Researcher, iPhone routing project, 2010]
  • Anas Salman                     [ Internship Researcher, Masterig DHS poject, 2009]
  • Fawaz Alarfaj                   [MPhil/PhD 2009-2010]
  • Oliver Cannings                    [MSc by Research 2009-2010]

Amr welcomes any potential collaborators and/or potential researchers/students to contact him to discuss any potential research ideas. {See “Vacancies” page for current vacancies}

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