Dr Amjad Altadmri – Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to Dr Amjad Altadmri for completeing his PhD degree. Amjad received his PhD degree in the formal September Graduation Ceremony at the Lincoln Cathedral.

Amjad Graduation Ceremony - September 2013
Amjad Graduation Ceremony – September 2013


His PhD titled “Semantic Annotation of Domain-Independent Uncontrolled Videos, Incorporating Visual Similarity and Commonsesne Knowledge Bases”. The work produced a Framework for semantic video annotation. In addition, VisualNet was also produced, which is a semantic Network for Visual-related applications.

The photo shows Dr Amjad Altadmri (Left) with his Director of Studies/Supervisor Dr Amr Ahmed ( right).

A list of publications of Amjad’s PhD are below:


Amjad has also participated, with Amr and other members of the DCAPI group,  in various workshops especially the V&L EPSRC Network workshops. They presented sessions and showed posters; see related blog posts:


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