V&L Network workshop, Brighton

Dr Amr Ahmed attended the Vision & Language Netowork Workshop in Brighton last Thursday 15th September, where 2 posters and oral presentation were presented from the DCAPI group.

DCAPI poster at the V&L Network workshop - Sept'11 - Brighton
DCAPI poster at the V&L workshop


Over 40 researchers, from vision and language areas, attended and it was a good opportunity for networking and exchange of contacts and ideas. Posters and sides will be available on the network’s website in the near future

Amr and a keynote speaker
Amr and a keynote speaker
Amr and a keynote speaker
Amr and one of the keynote speaker


Mr Amjad Altadmri also attended and presented in the event.

Some nice photos in Brighton,

Amr in Brighton Pier
Amr in Brighton Pier

with some Icereame! 🙂

ECM9 and Audit meeting for SUS-IT project

Dr Amr Ahmed participated in the 9th Executive Committe Meeting (ECM) of his SUS-IT project, at Loughborough, on 9th Septmeber. This was immediately followed by an Audit meeting with an NDA representative.

Very interesting to see the work of such a large consortium coming together during the final year of the project, with experienced researchers/professors.  An excellent experience.

SandPit 4 B – SUS-IT project

Amr participated in the 2nd part of the SandPit 4 event within his SUS-IT project (funded by the NDA program, 5 research councils). One of the interesting topics is around how help (automated/semi-automated…) provided to elderly while using ICT to enable them to stay longer and have better life style at their own homes.

The 1st part was held earlier in July.