Egyptian Paralympic Teams – Arrival

The Egyptian Paralympics Teams arrived today, to start their pre-games training camp in Lincolnshire. Amr Ahmed welcomed the teams at Heathrow airport, with project managers from Lincolnshire Sports Partnership (Hayley Cook), Lincoln County Council (Sally Rate, Rachel Townsend), and a team of volunteers including Ghada Mohamed. The teams were transferred, buy 2 coaches, to Lincoln’s Holiday Inn Express where they are hosted for the training camp period.










Members of the Egyptian Paralympics Teams are getting on coaches, to leave Heathrow airport heading to Lincoln









It was an honour and a pleasure to welcome all memebers of the Egyptian Paralympics Teams and Officials, led by Prof. Mohsen El-Mahdy (Chief De Mission), and including Captin Yusri Awad and Dr Ahmed.

Later at night, a brief review of the schedule with the coaches, especially of the first day as it also coincides with Eid day (The Celebration after the Holy Month of Ramadan). Here (Left) is Captin Emad Ramadan for the Sitting Volly Ball team.











Amr had visited the Head quarter of the Egyptian Paralympics Committee in Cairo, 10 days ago, and had discussions with the Chief De Mission and officials for the final arrangements.