SUS-IT Project Write-Up workshop

Amr participated in the Write-UP workshop of  the SUS-IT project consortium (which Amr is a partner in), on 17th and 18th May in Loughborough. Interesting to meet most of the partners, from all over the UK. Many discussions across the work-packages, especially with completion of the project (started in Jan 2009) expected ~mid next year.

2009 Old Posts


SandPit [1] – Dundee

On Sept. 2009, Amr contributed to the first SandPit of WP3, in Dundee.

SUS-IT WorkPackages meeting – London

On Mar 2009, Amr attended the SUS-IT project’s workpackages meeting in London. 

SUS-IT project kick off

On Feb 2009, Amr participated in the kick-off workshop for the SUS-IT project, one of only 6 projects in the UK that are funded by the NDA program (joint funded by 5 research councils).