Integrating Mobility Scooters with Smart Homes

This is an EU/EMDA iNET Transport funded project, in collaboration with DMU, The project aims to investigate improving the technology support for Mobility scooters for out of home activities. Addressing the out-of-home activities is important as it is considered a factor of reducing the social isolation and to help improving the independence and life style of elderly.

A monitoring and navigation system (including in-door) is developed and mounted on a standard scooter. A shopping show-case is demonstrated and trialled at one of the Co-op supermarkets. See a demo here:

This project, in particular, attracted a lot of media coverage, local, national, and international, and BBC interviews. Examples of that can be found in the list below:







And various business pages including



We also received requests from BBC LookNorth and ITV for filming our system’s prototype, and this is in planning.



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