Gulf Education Exhibition/Visits in Oman

Dr Amr Ahmed attended the Gulf Education Mission and Exhibition (for International Students) in Muscat, Oman, as an Academic representative of the University of Lincoln, and the Lincoln School of Computer Science.

Morning: Visits to various International Schools

Evening: Education Exhibition, Raddison Hotel, Muscat, Oman.

Education Exhibition - Muscat, Oman.
-Muscat International School-
Muscat International School {Education Visit, during the Gulf Mission}
A quick Coffee break, between visits and exhibition

QR Context-aware mobile navigation (in/out door)

Mobile in-door navigation (iPhone App, QR)
Path found, instructions shown. Mobile in-door navigation (iPhone App, QR)
Path drawn in red, Mobile in-door navigation (iPhone App, QR)


This project develops a mobile phone for navigation.QR codes, read through the mobile camera, provides localised information on current position (especially in-door, where other navigation technologies are problematic).

This initial prototype is utilised initially for in-door and around the campus navigation. But futher functionalities (e.g. link with timetable, seminar rooms, other sevices) will be added provide PoI, planning, notifications (what is going on nearby), in addition to the navigation (with interactive maps).

It is envasaged to be flexable and can be adapted t other places like City Centre shopping, tourist guidance, and event like Christmas Market and the Air Show…..

For further details, please contact:

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Integrating Mobility Scooters with Smart Homes

This is an EU/EMDA iNET Transport funded project, in collaboration with DMU, The project aims to investigate improving the technology support for Mobility scooters for out of home activities. Addressing the out-of-home activities is important as it is considered a factor of reducing the social isolation and to help improving the independence and life style of elderly.

A monitoring and navigation system (including in-door) is developed and mounted on a standard scooter. A shopping show-case is demonstrated and trialled at one of the Co-op supermarkets. See a demo here:

This project, in particular, attracted a lot of media coverage, local, national, and international, and BBC interviews. Examples of that can be found in the list below:







And various business pages including



We also received requests from BBC LookNorth and ITV for filming our system’s prototype, and this is in planning.



Visit to Xidian University

Amr was invited to visit Xidian University, by the Director of International Cooperation and Exchange.

Nice tour around the university and research labs.

Exhanged information on research interests and projects.

Discussion on potential collaboration.

Amr was invited for another visit (to be hosted by Xidian University) in the near future, for research presentation.

Nice present, and delicious dinner.