Dr Saddam Bekhet, successfully passed viva

Congratulations to Saddam who successfully passed his PhD VIVA on 23rd May 2016.

Examiners have commended Saddam’s work and contributions. They also emphasized how well written the thesis is.

A well-deserved achievement Saddam, well done.

And all the best for your future career.


Dr Amjad Altadmri – Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to Dr Amjad Altadmri for completeing his PhD degree. Amjad received his PhD degree in the formal September Graduation Ceremony at the Lincoln Cathedral.

Amjad Graduation Ceremony - September 2013
Amjad Graduation Ceremony – September 2013


His PhD titled “Semantic Annotation of Domain-Independent Uncontrolled Videos, Incorporating Visual Similarity and Commonsesne Knowledge Bases”. The work produced a Framework for semantic video annotation. In addition, VisualNet was also produced, which is a semantic Network for Visual-related applications.

The photo shows Dr Amjad Altadmri (Left) with his Director of Studies/Supervisor Dr Amr Ahmed ( right).

A list of publications of Amjad’s PhD are below:


Amjad has also participated, with Amr and other members of the DCAPI group,  in various workshops especially the V&L EPSRC Network workshops. They presented sessions and showed posters; see related blog posts: