Visit to Xidian University

Amr was invited to visit Xidian University, by the Director of International Cooperation and Exchange.

Nice tour around the university and research labs.

Exhanged information on research interests and projects.

Discussion on potential collaboration.

Amr was invited for another visit (to be hosted by Xidian University) in the near future, for research presentation.

Nice present, and delicious dinner.

Masterig DHS

Mastering DHS is an initial prototype for

virtual training of Junior surgeons for the DHS (Dynamic Hip Screw) surgery.


It aims at improving the Hand-eyes-Brain coordination by providing a computerised training system, constructed from affordable Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COT) componenets.

This work is in collaboration with Prof. Maqsood, Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon in the Lincoln Hospital.


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Conference paper here:


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