Showcasing Week. A successful event that is coming to be annual in LSoCS

Students, Staff and Visitors gathered in Comp Lab ‘B’ in the School of Computer Science, where the posters and interactive demos were setup, and the session was officially opened by the Head of the School, Dr David Cobham. This demos session was the concluding session of the Showcasing week for the Undergraduate Projects work. Local companies, like Rockstar Games and Artgraphica, participated in the event and the judging panel. Posters have been in display around the lab and interactive demos included; Websites, Gesture-controlled Robots, Retinal Analysis, Map analysis for navigation, Healthy Eating through receipt analysis, and analysing Cheating in Games.

Interactive Demo: Gesture-Controlled Rovio robot
Simple game for analysing “Cheating in Games”
Encouraging Healthy Eating, through analysis of shopping reciepts!
Enhancement of Retinal Images, for better analysis and diagnosis of Retina and related diseases
Interactive Demo: Map analysis and Topological Path Finding Application

The “Best Poster” and the “Best Demo” (as well as their corresponding honorary positions) were announced at the end of the event, by the industrial panelCongratulations for the Winners, but well done for everyone.

Companies’ representatives and visitors praised the event and commented that this is the way forward, and students need to get used to this kind of event, presenting their work more and more to potential employers. They are looking forward to an even bigger event next year.

It was my pleasure to organise the event, and especially when seeing students very pleased to participate and enjoying presenting and talking to all visitors (especially with the companies’ representatives).

Thank you for all involved in the organisation and setup, especially the Technical and Admin teams.

A special thank you to Tom Feltwell (LSoCS Technician) for his excellent support and dedication.

Well done everyone.

All the best Amr

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